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Re: Medical Language book
by Patricia Ko - Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 9:40 PM

Hi Lee Ann (my daughter-in-law's name and she spells it just like that!), many of us here have medical experience, some as MTs, myself with 50 years, some as nurses and other health professionals, you STILL need that book!  It's a great terminology book, yes a little bit redundant sometimes, but it's a great refresher for your new career!  That being said, do not get the med terminology lab package.  You don't need it and we are discouraged from using it.  Everything you will need to continue your path to coding from your personnel experience in the health field begins in Module I.  Trust the course!  Either buy an updated Turley book itself from Amazon or other sites, OR ask Glenda if you can purchase the book from the school.  Good luck in your new journey.  Never boring!