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Certification Tests - CRC, etc, Kuehn book - Module II

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Re: Certification Tests - CRC, etc, Kuehn book - Module II
by Instructor Peggy - Saturday, 21 January 2017, 12:54 PM

Sonya, our course focuses on the CPC and CCS exams. Those are the main, most important coding credential exams. It is important that you obtain both of those first before branching out into anything else. The CRC is a very good credential, which gets a lot of attention right now online but it is not something that you should aim for prior to completing the CPC and CCS.  Doing so will limit your future employment opportunities. In addition, our course does not focus on CRC preparation. Our graduates tend to do very well on it when they take it, but they may need specific preparation for it prior to taking it. That specific preparation is not included in our course at this time. 

 As noted above, the book requirements for the exams are presented on the AAPC and AHIMA website. If you have difficulty finding them, your instructor can help you. In fact, these are questions which are appropriately addressed to your instructor, so do not hesitate to ask. 

 You cannot use textbooks on any of the exams.  If you currently feel that you will need your textbook on the exams, this is definitely something you should address with your instructor, because this is a concern that she needs to resolve with you.