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Re: Guava
by Michele Ew - Sunday, 10 March 2013, 2:09 PM

As for prepping the juice I can't say I know as I've only ever had it prepped for me. The weather was so hot at the time, and I was so thirsty that I didn't ask how it was made, I was just thankful to drink it's deliciousness. The store bought canned guava juice is okay, certainly not as healthy though, nor refeshing. I like the smoothie idea, Glenda :) Hopefully another student will be able to answer your question about straining/soaking the fruit, as again I have no idea. I must say I'm enjoying seeing you in a whole new light. After knowing you only from E-mail exchanges and some phone-calls I never would have guessed we would be sharing a conversation on the guava fruit ! When it comes to cooking, I know what I like, I keep it simple, practical, flavorful. I love pasta, asparagus, could eat them everyday, and I pretty much do :) Raw Stinking Rose ! Ever chop some up into thin slices and garnish your food that way, sprinkling some THAI fish sauce on top as well instead of adding salt ? Besides using various spices that's about as exotic or adventurous as I get in the kitchen. :)