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Re: New Student study tips
by Michael Wo - Sunday, 6 October 2019, 7:35 PM

Hi Kalynn,

One thing I did in Module I that I found helpful is this. When you open your exams for each section to copy/paste the questions into a word processing document. I then removed any extra words beyond the question number and the question. I added in the sections for each question # where the codes were to be found as listed on the syllabus for each exam. This gave me room to write codes out and make a few notes and to double-check before the digital entry and also made for fewer pages to work with.  Just make sure you fully indentify on your printed papers your intended answer somehow before you go to enter them in. This also made me a little more mobile to do some code searching in another location away from home for a change in the scenery which I thought helpful for my coding juju at the time. 

No luck needed, you will do great!