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tips for organization ?

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Re: tips for organization ?
by Michele King, CPC-A - Wednesday, 27 July 2016, 7:55 PM

I have not used a binder, but I do have everything in a folder on my laptop.  I saved all of the documents they want us to read, instructions, etc.   

As far as the books, I bought some color post-it tabs off Amazon to color tab certain sections for quick reference.  These are the smaller, quick grab tabs that are no bigger than your finger.   They are easily removed too, if you should ever need to. 

Also, Glenda mentioned the Bible highlighters, which I find to be of great use in highlighting areas across all books!  I purchased the ACCU-Gel (Bible) Highlighters off Amazon in a pack of six colors.  They don't bleed through the pages, which I love. 

Regarding any formulas or information I KNOW I'll need, I write it in a college ruled subject notebook.  It helps keep the info together and also helps me learn by writing it. 

Hope this helps.  =)