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adding grades to your final exam

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Re: adding grades to your final exam
by Lee Anne La - Saturday, 13 July 2019, 9:40 PM

Hi Erica,

I assume you are in Module I.  There are directions provided for the final exam as explained above.  There are also examples.  You are not cutting and pasting, you are actually taking the questions that you got wrong on the coding test and following the example provided state the answer you chose, the correct answer and what you missed that led you to the wrong answer and/or what you can do next time so the same error does not happen again.   

If you get 100% on a coding test for the final exam you can just list that exam and note 100%.   I am in module II now so I am thinking back to what I did for the final exam in module I.  

Oh, I almost forgot.  You can made a file with your current books listed at the top and as you complete each coding exam add your questions that you got wrong and then follow the procedure as above to explain your errors.  Then when you are all done module I, you can paste this into the final exam section online and turn it in.

I hope this helps you.

Lee Anne