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Medical Coding Pregnancy Codes/ Module 1

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Re: Medical Coding Pregnancy Codes/ Module 1
by Glenda Hickman - Friday, 11 January 2013, 9:04 AM

Also remember that you can ask questions before, during, and after each coding exam! 

While you're reading the assigned materials in a section, if something doesn't seem to be clicking for you, that's a good point to stop and ask for clarification. 

If you're in the middle of a coding exam, and a few of the questions don't seem to make sense, or you feel like there could be a couple of possible answers but you aren't able to select just one, send an email detailing your thoughts up to the point where you're getting stuck so your instructor can walk you through the process or point out something you might be missing. 

After you've finished your exam and received a grade, go back and look up the ones you missed again, trying to reason through how and why the corrected answer should be reached.  If you're getting lost at that step, send us a question!