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Laptop with touchpad mouse causing issues

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Re: Laptop with touchpad mouse causing issues
by Carmen La - Sunday, 3 February 2013, 5:51 PM

I've never used Mozilla, but you can troubleshoot your browser by installing another browser and seeing how the next test works. I'd install Safari over IE though because it's a lot easier to uninstall. I hope you get it figured out. That's gotta be frustrating, but a new laptop sounds good to me. :) I LOVE my MacBook Pro. 

We don't have an upcoming move any time soon. We still have to finish our house, which (since we're doing it ourselves between everything else - so it takes low priority right now because of this course) will probably take another year. We're pretty sure we're going to end up in the CT-rural NY area. Very healthy clean eating in restaurants, more stringent laws as far as food, numerous organic farmers markets, etc, etc, etc. We lived in San Antonio for 12 years before we moved overseas. I don't have anything against Texas but I don't want to move back to Texas either. Visiting is fine with me. :D