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HCC and RxHCC Guidelines

Picture of Wendy Va, CCS, COC, CPC, CRC
Re: HCC and RxHCC Guidelines
by Wendy Va, CCS, COC, CPC, CRC - Sunday, 30 July 2017, 3:49 PM

Hi Jill, I agree with Sylvia, the company will give you client-specific guidelines for the HCC work they are contracted to do. HCC companies like to hire beginning coders with their CPC-A because they are green and they can train them to do the HCC work correctly. I have worked for several different HCC companies and it is not the kind of work I like. It is seasonal work, with the promise of full time but there is always downtime for most of these companies. They like to keep a handful of coders in the back pocket so when the work does come in they can get it done quickly and get ready for the next project to come through. When that project is completed, the coders sit back waiting for more work. It is a feast or famine mindset, not a very stable type of work to do long term. It is great if you want to do it part time or to pick up extra money or to work your "A" off. No stability from what I have found. You will still apply the concepts you have learned from coding school and follow all of the ICD-10 guidelines but it is a different kind of beast, HCC coding. I found it extremely boring and will never do it again. You just sit around looking for ICD-10 codes in a bunch of charts all day. They like for you to do 5 patients/charts an hour, but honestly some of these patients charts can be 10 pages or several hundred pages long. I found it a bit unrealistic when the patient's chart exceeded 200 pages or more. Remember, these are notes for the whole year, not one day, which can be inpatient/outpatient/rehab/radiology/all specialties for just one patient and you are required to do about 3-5 patients an hour. I just want to give you the full scoop on HCC coding. Some people love this kind of work and some people don't. I wish the best to you in your job interview. It is definitely a good start to get your foot in the door for coding. The pay is pretty good as well. So, I have given you the pros and cons from my perspective. Wendy