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CPC Test taking locations

Picture of Shannon Ba, CPC-A
CPC Test taking locations
by Shannon Ba, CPC-A - Saturday, 14 December 2019, 1:42 PM

So I have a question on I guess state level guidelines. I live RIGHT on the border between GA and SC and am going into Sec 5 of Mod 3. The next close-ish option is in Feb in SC or I'd have to drive like 3-4 hours to stay in GA to take it or wait until after Feb. Are the certifications National or do they work for your state only? 

Thanks so much!

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Re: CPC Test taking locations
by Glenda Hickman - Monday, 16 December 2019, 7:43 AM

An excellent question, Shannon!  AAPC and AHIMA both are national organizations, as are their credential exams.  It doesn't matter which state you live and/or take your exam in, your certification will be good everywhere in the country!