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Commumicate with your instructor - Ask Questions - Learn From Just Putting It Into Writing

Linda Andrews, Director
Commumicate with your instructor - Ask Questions - Learn From Just Putting It Into Writing
by Linda Andrews - Sunday, 2 May 2021, 1:39 PM

I've always given a lot of thought to the quality of education all of you are getting in our program. There are (1) some students who have always aced tests in school before now and (2) others, like me, who know how to struggle through the learning process, and sometimes retain it even better because of the struggle. Many times people who have always made great grades all through their life will find out that learning medical coding is different. It's a kick in the teeth when you expected this to be easy - and it is not easy - even for those who typically find learning easy.   I DO NOT WANT THIS TO BE A SCHOOL ONLY FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE PERFECT AND NEVER MESS UP ON THEIR STUDIES.  I want Andrews School to be a school where any student who truly wants to put in the work, the effort, the time, can succeed.

When I consider all of this, the main thing I want from you is that you write out your struggles and send them to your instructor. Your instructor can only help if you communicate "This is where I'm getting lost." "I understand this, this, and this, but when I get to this, I just don't get it."    Be specific. Ask questions. That's how you learn.  Yes, I know, you don't get answers instantly. Just as it will be on the job, you will wait. There are schools that provide 'canned' answers instantly, from scripts, but no qualified instructor is there to actually give some thought to the question before answering.  Even more importantly, the act of putting the question into writing teaches you more than you can imagine. 

My goal is different from most directors of schools. I want ALL of you to succeed. I want each and every one of you to get to the point where you can pass the certification exams and pre-employment coding tests, and the way to do that is to IDENTIFY the places where you need help, ASK for help, LISTEN to the instructor, ASK MORE QUESTIONS, and do more LISTENING. Feedback from an instructor doesn't help a bit if the student doesn't listen.

If any of you feel that you just aren't smart enough to do this, please know that you are one of the reasons I started the school. I never wanted this school to be a school just for 'A' students. I want it to be a school that turns out professional-level medical coders.

If remedial help is needed, we have that built into the program, so if it's assigned, be thankful for it. Don't feel insulted. Communicate with your instructor.

We know that some students don't care enough, but the way we know a student does care is, when they talk to us about specific areas where they are just not getting it. We don't know unless you speak up.