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Site-Wide Forum Rules

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Site-Wide Forum Rules
by Glenda Hickman - Wednesday, 22 August 2012, 4:06 PM

The rules are simple, easy to understand, and not up for debate.

1. Nothing vulgar, crude, or tacky is to be posted on any forum related to The Andrews School. It is not in the spirit of The Andrews School and it will not be tolerated. Period.
2. Political discussions and debate about religious doctrine are also inappropriate and unacceptable here.
3. Taglines that sell any product or service or that link other websites are not permitted.
4. Students and graduates may only post in school-wide discussion forums or the forums specific to the course they enrolled in.


Our forums are 'educational' in nature. That means our goal is to educate and train more than social forums, which exist for purposes of discussion and debate. Since the forums are a required educational part of the courses, Linda wants them to have a pleasant, inviting atmosphere, a classroom atmosphere as much as possible.

Over the years we have often discussed issues relating to our industry and often have a variety of opinions represented on some topics. Keep in mind though, this is a school. Discussions will be guided by staff and instructors. Instructors will sometimes lecture rather than discuss. That's why they are here and why students are here. Since students are required to be here, Linda intends for it to be a pleasant and educational environment. It's okay for it to be fun as well. This would, of course, not be an appropriate place for discussion to the level of argument.

The Graduates section of this system is an 'invitation-only' area. Graduates are invited to be there to discuss employment ideas and experiences, resumes, etc., in a thoughtful and considerate setting. Graduates who contribute appropriately within this 'educational' environment will be welcome to continue to participate.