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How do we e-mail from w/in this system?

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How do we e-mail from w/in this system?
by Dustin Ga - Wednesday, 1 May 2013, 10:47 PM

Silly question, but I can't figure it out and am having to e-mail everything via my Yahoo account. Thank You!

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Re: How do we e-mail from w/in this system?
by Glenda Hickman - Thursday, 2 May 2013, 8:59 AM

It's not a silly question at all!  You cannot email the school from the Moodle system.  Any emails you send do need to continue to come from your regular email account. 

You (students in general) can post to the discussion forums here on the front page to participate in school-wide discussions, or to the discussion forum in your current module to discuss something specific to your current studies or ask general questions of your instructor.  You (Dustin specifically) also have access to the Coding Certification area and can post in the forums there to discuss the certification exams.

Questions about specific exams or in response to a particular graded exam should still be sent by email.  General questions may also be submitted by email if the student isn't comfortable posting them where others can see them, of course.  Assignments and exams, unless specifically instructed otherwise, should be submitted through the Moodle system.

Now, the system will send some notices by email automatically.  If you change your settings in a forum to receive email copies of posts, the system will send you an email every time someone posts to or responds to a post on that forum.  You can change those settings separately for each forum, although all of the announcement forums will email users automatically regardless of your settings (which is why only staff members will be posting in those forums). 

The system will also automatically email students regarding feedback posted by instructors on submitted exams.  It will automatically email the instructors when a student submits an exam to be graded, so students don't need to let us know that they have submitted their work in order to receive their next deadline or access to the next module. 

However, those emails are all automated emails - there's not actually an email system through Moodle that users can access to send something to another user.

That's probably all more information than you actually wanted, but if you have any further questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask!