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Automated notification emails and submission status on assignments

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Automated notification emails and submission status on assignments
by Glenda Hickman - Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 11:19 AM
The system is set to automatically notify users of the following things:
-When a student submits an instructor-graded assignment or exam.
-When an instructor or staff member has left feedback on that submitted assignment or exam (whether it was returned for corrections or graded).
-When anyone posts in a thread they have posted in previously on any of the discussions forums.
-When a staff member posts in any of the announcements forums.

These notifications have not changed, but periodically an email provide may flag these notifications as spam.  Sometimes they go to the student's spam folder, where the student can mark it "not spam" and hopefully start receiving the notifications normally again, but sometimes this happens at the provider's server level.  Sometimes, you can get around this by adding the "" address that the system uses as the sender to your contacts list, showing that it's a "safe" address.  Sometimes, you can contact your provider to let them know that you aren't getting emails from a source that is on your contacts list, and the provider may be able to fix it on their end.

This most commonly happens with Yahoo, but sometimes with other providers as well.  There is not anything the school can do to correct it, so be sure not to rely on those emails alone!  You can check the status of your assignment simply by opening it up again in Moodle. 

If you are fairly sure that you submitted it previously, but it's now showing up as a draft, DO NOT immediately hit the submit button.  Instead, refresh the page first.  Some browsers will first use an old memory cache and do not show the instructor's feedback asking you to make corrections until you have refreshed that page.  If there is still no instructor's feedback after the refresh, you may have simply forgotten to click the last "submit" button and can do so at that time.  If there is feedback showing up after you refresh, be sure to review it carefully to see what needs to be changed before you resubmit your assignment or exam.