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Chapter 16 review assistance needed please

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Chapter 16 review assistance needed please
by Jenn Ul - Monday, 31 December 2012, 1:59 PM

I am stuck on the fourth chapter review of module 1.  I know I am not supposed to get stuck so early, however, I want to learn and understand what I did wrong that would not allow me to understand and figure out the answer to the On the Job Challenge Exercise.  In the Office Chart Note (Excerpt) I was supposed to be able to determine the definition of the following word:  rhinitis medicamentosa.

I understand that Rhin/o- = nose; itis = inflammation or infection of.  Rhinitis = inflammation or infection of the nose.  medi or medic/o- = medicine (or physician).  How does the remaining, amentosa mean due to excessive topical (nasal medicine)?  Can you break the remaining part down for me or point me to the resource(s) which will help me understand that rhinitis medicamentosa is the inflammation of the nose (mucous membranes) due to excessive topical nasal medicines.

Thank you.

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Re: Chapter 16 review assistance needed please
by Glenda Hickman - Monday, 31 December 2012, 3:58 PM

Jenn, this would be a good question to post in your module's discussion forum or send by email to make sure your current instructor sees it.  Be sure to specify what you're working on, whether your terminology textbook or transcription practices, so she can review the material and give you the best answer.